Bonjour Quentin

Can I count you in?


Time to install your automatic reply: ‘Thank you for your e-mail. I’ll be out of the office from 10/7 – 11/7. Busy #creatingmemories!


Hi there!

Our team just arrived in Andorra, and we must admit, the scenery is beautiful. Sure you are going to love it. Andorra does has a little bit of a unpredictable character when it comes to the weather though. One moment the sun is shining like there is no tomorrow, the other moment it’s pouring rain. So bring a rain jacket and a sweater just in case.

Oh & we would prefer your hand luggage not to be a hard case. So preferable a trolley or duffle bag (partially) made out of fabric. Don’t ask why ;)!


Time to pack your bags! We kindly ask you to only bring hand luggage due to our tight shedule.

& Oh, it seems like the sun is going to join us on the trip. A solid 24 degrees are coming your way. So don’t forget your sunnies and some sunscreen! Don’t mind bringing formal clothes, because we’re keeping it casual.

We’ll keep you posted about flight details tomorrow.

5 more days!

Andorra 10.07 – 11.07

Time Schedule:
10.07: 07u00: FR Airport (TBD)
11.07:  22u30: FR Airport (TBD)

Anything in between is all about creating memories